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Embroidered Gifts For All Occasions

Engraving Reimagined is now your local Embroidery destination.  We are building our client list to include household name businesses, local mom-and-pop businesses, and every day tradeshow marketing clients just to name a few. We specialize in walk in customers so that you can bring one single item for us to do or you can bring thousands. All at a good rate.

You can even bring a gift purchased elsewhere and have it embroidered. 
Set up fees due apply- Ask for more details 


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Why us?

We are a passionate team that pride ourselves on delivering our customers the highest quality products and an exceptional level of customer service.

Every order is quality checked before sending out and we’re always on the end of the phone for product recommendations, or advice.

We have our own in-house design, embroidery and engraving services; guaranteeing quality and quick turnaround times for our customers.

Our machines are state of the art digitized 12 needle machines to handle any project big or small. 

Why Embroidery on textiles over any other form of personalization? 

Embroidery works well on many fabrics and is ideal for branding your promotional item. Embroidered items will prove to be tough, resilient and give longevity. Complex and intricate designs are easily replicated, and we make sure that the end result is a clear and crisp representation of your logo.

embroidery logo

Embroidery Design Assistance

Need help with your logo design?  Give our Personalization team a call and we will assist with your design, by converting your logo to go into our embroidery machine for a perfect custom product every time. 

We can help with ideas or designing a logo from scratch.

All orders come with a design evaluation quote and we will do whatever it takes to provide you with an amazing looking finished product. 

Want to bring an item in for embroidery? 

Do you have something in mind you would like to display in your home? 

Do you know someone who’s going to be having a baby soon or lives in an Assisted Living facility? 

Or maybe you know someone getting married in the near future

We can do it all-  Use your imagination and we can make it come to life.

Embroider a heart with the bride and groom’s names and their wedding date on a special item.

Think holidays, think birthdays, think weddings, graduations, baby showers, going-away gifts, the ideas are endless.  

Just about any occasion could use something personal, unique and beautiful.  And you will be the one that is remembered long after the occasion is over!

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