Picking out the Right Beer Stein and Personalize it

Since their creation in the 14th century, beer steins have become a popular symbol of Germany and beer both. German beer steins come in all shapes, sizes, with lids, without lids, and made from many different materials such as metal, ceramic, and even wood. At Engraving Reimagined we carry a variety of Beer stein to suit everyone taste. 

We have selected a mix of our most popular modern and classic beer steins that are the perfect new additions to your home bar. The best part, engrave on it and make it your own. Check out the site for more steins to choose from.

What are you waiting for? Start scrolling and get your wallet ready, because you won’t be leaving this blog without buying yourself a stein or two.

Large Glass Beer Stein

This beer mug comes in a  20-ounce.. All clear with an oversized handle - the classic glass for a cold brew. It is durable and  is fit for any meal or setting. Its weighted design was engineered to prevent spills while its clean, modern shape keeps it always in style. You can engrave the name or saying right on the glass 

This Rope Crested Stein is a must have. 

Enjoy a tall cold one in style with this clear glass 15 oz. stein. $39.99. On the face of the stein is a pewter plate, rimmed with a rope design for you to have engraved with a personalized message.

See the unique engraving that our experts have done 


You’ve heard of Oktoberfest, the largest beer festival in the world. In this celebration, this York Medallion stein $39.99 makes an awesome addition to your stein collection. 

Look at the unique engraving a client requested

Copper and Stainless steel steins 

Beer steins used to primarily be made from pewter before they rose in popularity and became available in Copper and stainless steel. These metal steins are inspired by its historical predecessors with its simplicity. The thick, hefty metal insulated your beer so that it stays cold for even longer than usual. You’ll feel like you’re in the real medieval times when you enjoy a nice cool lager from this cool copper and SS steins. 

Burnt Copper Curvy $44.99

17 oz Stainless Steel curvy cup $39.99

Moscow Mule Copper Stein $24.99

Now you can create the perfect Moscow Mule at home! Though the copper mug is mainly used to regulate temperature, it is also said that when vodka is poured, the copper begins to oxidize, which boosts the aroma and enhances the taste. Makes a wonderful personalized gift for any vodka enthusiast. 


Whether you’re looking for a stein to use for your special beers, drinks with dinner, give one as a gift, or a new piece to display in your collection, these classic style of beer steins that is an absolute must-have. 

Cheers and Happy Shopping! 


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