Back to School Items from Engraving Reimagined

So you've upgraded your school bag at last. What about stuffing all those adorable back-to-school items inside? There are critical back-to-school supplies you must have, regardless of whether you're heading to a new University or College with a blank slate or you're just replacing a few missing necessities before heading out to your study abroad destination. And if you're not sure what you'll need for the upcoming school year, we've got you covered.

Discover the essentials from Engraving Reimagined to pack in your bag as you scroll down, along with some unique back-to-school supplies that may not have even occurred to you but will soon be at the top of your shopping list.

Norwood Ambassador Pen – Engraving Reimagined


This Norwood Ambassador Pen is professional and stylish,  Features a Black barrel with Gold accents and a comfort rubber grip for smooth writing. 

For that more distinguished writer, this Rosewood Fountain pen is a must.

Rosewood Fountain Pen – Engraving Reimagined


How about jotting your notes in some of our leather bound journals? Something for everyone, and we carry Vegan cases for those Animal protectors. 

Blush Color Daytimer/Planner Journal – Engraving Reimagined

Durability is provided by the thread and glue flawless binding notebook. When opened, it lays flat for simple writing, sketching, and drawing. It has an elastic band, an expanded pocket, and three bookmarks. The portable, lightweight design is ideal for stashing in your bag, travel bag, or backpack.

Black Daytimer/Planner Journal – Engraving Reimagined

Enter your travel dates and get going right now! You can write the dates quickly using the 3-year calendar card. By constructing a vision board, mind map, and personal goal statement, you begin with the broad picture. Both your big aim and smaller goals can be set. You have plenty of room to write every day (53 weekly + 60 additional note pages). The roomy design makes writing and planning enjoyable. The planner is incredibly simple to use.

Cognac Leather Journal Set – Engraving Reimagined

If you are located in Calgary Alberta, Canada, why not pop into our shop and get all your electronics personalized to protect your investment. We have hundreds of customers that take advantage of our Tech Personalization. 

Do you have a Colleague or Professor that you want to show your appreciation to? 

Why not give them something special? 

Rose Wood Desk Clock with Picture frame – Engraving Reimagined

This gorgeous clock is the perfect gift for any desk or fireplace mantle. 

Personalize it with that special message. 

Rosewood Business Card holder – Engraving Reimagined


 This sturdy rosewood-made card holder with a rosewood finish presents business cards tastefully and professionally. ideal for work environments.

 > Traditional style creates a credible presentation.

> 50 standard-sized business cards can be stored here.

> Helps to organize counters and desks


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